About the Product

Transfer images quickly and safely

It is a software whose main function is the transfer of medical images between workstations. These images are compressed and encrypted ensuring and guaranteeing the security and integrity of information.

This software once installed on your workstation automatically synchronize all studies between different stations configured. ImaTransfer send his studies from any digital form directly to any other matter ImaTransfer physical place where it is installed.

For safety studies to be transferred are compressed for fast transfer and encrypted to avoid compromising patient information.

This solution does not require additional costs of VPN connections or dedicated lines, with a standard internet connection the application works effectively, as we have integrated effective methods for transfer and synchronization between stations as centers remote diagnostics, PACS and / or private facilities.






Transfer, share and protect your images

Keep all stations synchronized

Studies encrypted and compressed

Low cost (does not require VPN connection or dedicated lines)

All it takes is internet access

Online monitoring of the transfer of studies

Easy installation

Backup of transferred images (can perform automatic copy of the transferred images)


How to buy our product?

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